I went to Iba Zambales - my home town to inform my mother regarding the wedding plan.
She's excited. Actually, earlier she’s pushing me to wed Jhe (currently 8 year relationship – total of 99 months together). To her excitement, she went asking for requirements to our relatives.

Sunday morning (Mar 11, 2012), we went to San Agustin Church to reserve the date and ask for church requirement.

After lunch, we scout to beach resort near our place for reception venue and accommodation.

1. White Sand Beach – one of our relatives resort. It’ll be affordable for me but we have to look for a better & bigger place.

 2. Herra Beach Resort – a little bit expensive because an entrance fee is required. The venue for reception is small.

3. Ti-umoc Beach Resort – at first, we were inhibited to ask. But when we enter the gate, I felt that the place is “right” for the event were planning. Spacious open space, I already visualize the location of tent, chair & tables, the buffet area etc. We negotiate for the rate and come up to two options

a. Reception venue + Catering + Tents + chairs & table + decoration + sound system + accommodation = 70k +

b. Reception venue (100/head entrance fee) + accommodation = 33k

I have to inform Jhe regarding the rate & show him the photos. But as for me, I have my Reception venue :)

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